Our Story

Frank & Sung Jin Ingriselli have been making wine for the last seven years . Their first production was labeled Ardore.  Ardore in Italian means passion. These wines represent Frank & Sung Jin’s passion for life, for love, for happiness, for friendship, for beauty and nature. We all need to pursue all our life’s dreams and approach every day with the passion to live it to the best of our ability. While nature may have produced the beautiful grapes used in the Andore and Suhring wines, Frank & Sung Jin have added their own special nurturing and techniques to represent their vision for a great wine. After their production of a couple of wines under the brand name Ardore, Frank and Sung Jin developed a new brand which is a combination of their surnames (Suhr and Ingriselli ) Suhring and it incorporates their respective heritages. A stylized lotus symbol was used as the logo for the brand as it symbolizes beauty, purity and the sun. It represents and embraces all the beauty and purity in our world and the pursuit of life’s dreams and the urgency to approach every day with the passion to live it to the best of one’s ability.

Frank and Sung Jin believe they are blessed to be living in the Napa Valley region. In addition to being collectors of fine art, they truly believe that wine is the only artwork you can drink!

As Thomas Jefferson said in 1811:  

“I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new and ripened with age”

While Frank and Sung Jin have been blessed with many of life‘s good fortunes, they realize that many in this world are not so fortunate. Therefore, they are committed to turn the wonderful passion they have for wine into good use and channel that passion to give back. They want to share this commitment with those who purchase these wines. So that they can join Frank and Sung Jin in giving back. That is the reason that 100% of all revenues received from the sales of the SuhrIng wines will be donated to the Brightening Lives Foundation. Those purchasing wine through this website will receive a receipt for their charitable donation. As described on the home page, Brightening Lives Foundation is dedicated to improving the environment, making it easier for the poor to attain basic necessities, and providing healthcare and education to people who cannot afford it.

Brightening Lives Foundation was founded in 2006 by Frank Ingriselli as a way to give back to those less fortunate. Frank’s biography can be found at the following website:

Our Wines for Sale

The first production for SuhrIng was a 2015 very limited reserve bottling of merlot from Hudson vineyards. Hudson vineyards is one of the highly sought after vineyards for merlot.  A very limited amount of this rare wine remains for sale.  

The current release is a 2017 SuhrIng Chardonnay limited release reserve wine from the Reinke vineyards in the Carneros region of Napa Valley. 

For more information and to buy this wine, please visit the Our Wines  page.